If you have questions about the exams and their organisation, here is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions. You might be able to find what you are looking for here, but if you don't, please feel free to contact us.

Why should you opt for Cambridge English exams?

Unlike many English tests, Cambridge English provides you with a certificate which is internationally recognized.

Cambridge English exams are prestigious and accepted by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. Our exams can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and because they are globally recognised, can increase learners’ choices for study or work. You can also use your Cambridge English exam certificate for immigration purposes.

Thanks to Cambridge English exams, you can certify your level of English in order to study abroad, in English speaking countries or elsewhere – many French universities and “Grandes écoles” ask for a certification of your level of English - or to work.

These exams are based upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and offer a wide range of levels (from A2 to C2). If you pass, you will get a certificate that does not have an expiry date. Four skills will be evaluated: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Every year, more than 3 million candidates take a Cambridge English exam.


Who can take Cambridge English exams?

Anyone can take Cambridge English exams. They are made for students or professionals wishing to improve their English skills, or for those who need a certificate to get to university.

Candidates of any age are welcome to take any Cambridge English exam. Some exams are specifically designed with candidates of a certain age in mind, however candidates of any age are welcome to take any exam.


Can I take Cambridge English exams if I am visually impaired or have accessibility issues?

We make provision for candidates who find it difficult to demonstrate their ability in English because of a special requirement. This includes candidates with a permanent or long-term disability such as hearing/sight impairment, dyslexia, speech impediment or cerebral palsy or a short-term difficulty such as a broken arm or an ear infection.

Special arrangements fall into two main categories:

  • The need for modified material, e.g question papers in Braille or large print, and specially adapted versions of listening and Speaking tests.
  • The need for administrative support arrangements only, e.g extra time, use of a computer or other permitted access technology.

If you need any arrangements to be made for you, you need to tell us when you register.


Where can I take Cambridge English exams in Moldova?

The Alliance Française de Moldavie is the only authorised center in Moldova. We are situated on 18, strada Sfatul Tarii, in the same building as the theatre “Ginta Latina”, on the third floor.

You can come to us from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm.


How do I register for Cambridge English exams ?

Before registering, you need to know if you want to take a computer-based or a paper-based exam. Then, you choose a date for a specific exam and look at the closing date. This is the deadline after which you can’t register anymore. You should also pay attention to the period when Speaking is organized, to make sure your schedule is clear between those dates. Please look at the “Dates” tab of this website for more information.

Once you know which exam you want to take, come to the Alliance Française de Moldavie in order to complete a registration form. You will need to give a photocopy of your passport.

Be careful: the registration form is different if you are aged 18 or more, or aged 17 or less. You need to tell us when you register to make sure you fill in the correct form.


How do I prepare for my exam?

If you want to prepare for your exam, you can do it on your own using the tools on the Cambridge English website. You can also take the preparation courses at the Alliance Française de Moldavie. Those are group, semi-individual or individual lessons. Find more information in the "About us" and "Prepare for the exam" tabs.


How much are Cambridge English exams?

Each exam has a specific price. Please look at the “Price” tab of this website for more information.


How do I know which exam I should register for?

Before taking an exam, you need to know why you need it. Do you want to go to university? Do you want to work in an English speaking country? It would be a good idea to consult the website(s) of the potential institution or employer you wish to apply for.

You can have a look at the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which offers a description of your ability for each level.

You can also test your level online on the Cambridge English website.


How do I pay for my exam?

You have to pay for your exam when you register at the Alliance Française de Moldavie. The payment is made in Moldovan lei.


Can I take the exam more than once ?

Yes. You can take an exam as many times as you like.


Which exams have a bibliography? How can access those ?

You can find a bibliography for Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE), Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge English: First (FCE). It is necessary for you to have a look at those texts before the exam.

You can the bibliography for each exam on the Cambridge English website, in the tab “What’s in the exam” and then “What are the set texts?”.


What is the test like ?

Each exam is divided into different parts and the components have to be taken in a specific order. On the Cambridge English website, you will find the details for each exam in the tab “What’s in the exam?”.


Am I allowed to use a dictionary during the exam ? Do I have to bring anything ?

The use of a dictionary is strictly forbidden.

You have two different types of exam. It can either be a paper-based or a computer-based version.

If you take a computer-based version, you just need a pen or a pencil.

If you take a paper-based version, you need to have a pen, a pencil, a rubber and a watch if possible.


When and how can I have the results of my exam ?

For a computer-based test, the results are released in general fifteen days after the date of the exam. For a paper-based exam, the results are released in general a month after the date of the exam.

The certificates arrive at the Alliance Française de Moldavie one month for a computer-based test and two months for a paper-based test after the day of the exam.

You can access your results online using the ID and secret code on your confirmation of entry (the document you receive by email where you can find the timetable of the exam). You will get your results in detail for each component and see where you have to make progress.