Books for English courses

If you are following English lessons, you can buy the methods we are using in class.

All our courses are based on the Cambridge English books Face2face. We use the student’s book and the student’s workbook.

In order to work to the best of your abilities, we advise that you buy those two books.


Where can you find the material you need?

Easy! There is one address in Chisinau:

Educational Centre – International bookshop

Strada columna 72/3

MD 2012, Chisinau

(the shop is located between strada Armeneasca and strada Vasile Alecsandri)


Which book for which level?

A1.1 / A1.2 / A1.3 – Starter

A2.1 / A2.2 / A2.3 – Elementary

B1.1 & B1.2 – Pre-Intermediate

B1.3 & B1.4 – Intermediate

B2.1 / B2.2 / B2.3 / B2.4 – Upper-intermediate


For more details, do not hesitate to contact us!

Author: Cambridge English Moldova

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Books for English courses