New prices for Cambridge English exams

Taking into account the high demand and interest in our Cambridge English qualifications, we have decided to reduce the price for our exams in order to make them more accessible to our candidates. Find the new prices below: 

A2 Key (for Schools) – 1600 MDL

B1 Preliminary (for Schools) – 1700 MDL

B2 First (for Schools) – 2600 MDL

C1 Advanced – 2800 MDL

Cambridge English: Business Preliminary - 1800 MDL

Cambridge English: Business Vantage - 3000 MDL

Cambridge English: Business Higher - 3500 MDL

Teaching Knowledge Test - 1200 MDL per module 

If you want to prepare for your exam and increase your chances of passing it, remember that you can take preparation lessons with us. But if you want to take general English lessons to boost your English level, this is possible as well. Find the prices for our lessons below:


Individual lessons: 2000 MDL for 10 hours

Semi-individual lessons (groups of 3 to 5 people): 2700 MDL for 30 hours

Group lessons (groups of 6 to 14 people): 2200 MDL for 44 hours



Individual lessons: 2200 MDL for 10 hours




Semi-individual course

25 hrs: 2800 MDL

30 hrs: 3300 MDL

Group course

35 hrs: 2600 MDL

40 hrs: 3000 MDL

Author: Cambridge English Moldova

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Prices for Cambridge English exams