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The Cambridge English Exams, conceived by Cambridge University, are a comprehensive assessment of English level. Offered in paper-based or computer-based formats, these exams assess both oral and written comprehension and expression skills.

These exams will allow you to be enrolled in English speaking Universities or to boost your career. In order to reach the required level to take your English exam, the Alliance Française de Moldavie launched lessons to prepare for these exams.

Content of preparation lessons:

The emphasis will be placed on vocabulary, grammar and other aspects you will need to get ready for taking CAE, FCE, PET, KET and IELTS exams. You will be taught how to improve your English level all by yourself and what to do on the exam day. You will be offered unique invaluable tips, tricks and strategies in order to approach the exam in the most efficient way, from the point of view of both stress and time management.

Your instructors will oversee your progress and make sure you get better at a good pace. They will also provide extensive comments on your work and tell you what you do well and what you need to focus on. Your performance will also be assessed through homework. At the end of the course, you will take a mock test in order to try yourself under the time limitations and stress of the exam. 

Course organisation:

The courses are designed to work on the four skills tested by all Cambridge exams and divided in 5 main segments (in the order that the teacher sees fit, depending what area of language needs more immediate improvement):

  1. Reading and Use of English
  2. Listening
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking
  5. Mock test (a real-time simulation of the exam)

For IELTS (both Academic and General), the structure is the following (in the order that the teacher sees fit, according to your needs):

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking
  5. Mock test (a real-time simulation of the exam)

Throughout each course segment, your instructor will provide extensive guidance and feedback concerning your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

If at the placement test you are assigned a level which does not allow you to register for a preparation course yet, worry not. We have General English courses coming to your rescue! We work with authentic Cambridge English materials for both General English courses and preparation ones.


You can choose among individual classes, semi-individual classes and group classes***

*Individual class: almost an one-to-one course, consisting of 1-2 people. If 2 people decide to join the same individual course, then classes can begin as soon as they have registered. But it's important that the students have the same level of English and agree on the same timetable.

**Semi-individual class: a small group of 3 to 5 people. Classes can begin as soon as at least 2 people having the same level of English and agreeing on the same timetable have registered.

***Group class: a class of 6 and more people, up to 14. Classes can begin as soon as at least 6 people sharing the same English level and agreeing on the same timetable, have registered.

1 hour = 60 minutes



General English




Individual classes

10 hours: 2000 MDL

10 hours: 2200 MDL

10 hours: 2200 MDL

10 hours: 2200 MDL

Semi-individual classes

30 hours: 2700 MDL

25 hours: 2800 MDL

30 hours: 3300 MDL

30 hours: 3200 MDL

Group classes 

44 hours: 2200 MDL

35 hours: 2600 MDL

40 hours: 3300 MDL

40 hours: 2800 MDL


If you're interested in taking individual classes then please keep in mind the fact that you have to take 10 hours minimum, to begin with. After that, you can take from 5 to 10 hours for an individual course.

It is worth mentioning that we have now extended the duration of Cambridge exam preparation courses: now the course length for FCE preparation is 25 hours and for CAE - 30 hours. Similarly, the group classes have been extended to 35 hours for FCE and 40 hours for CAE preparation. Despite a slight price increase, the changes that have been introduced maximize learners' practice time and invaluable feedback time from the instructors (especially for Writing and Speaking).


Registration for individual and semi-individual classes is possible anytime during the year. Also, you will be suggested to take a placement test that is held every week. 

Do not hesitate to come and see us at the Alliance Française de Moldavie, Bureau des cours, to get more information. 

Registrations for group classes are done according to a particular calendar that you will find in the News.


Diana CRETU, Cambridge Exam Manager

Author: Cambridge English authorised exam centre, Moldova

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